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QUESTION 191You want to run a report on data with multiple currencies. You want to allow end users to select the target currency at run time.Which option does SAP recommend for defining the currency conversion? A.    A calculated column in an analytic viewB.    Currency conversion during data loadC.    Measures enabled for conversion in an analytic viewD.    A CE_CONVERSION function in a calculation viewAnswer: C QUESTION 192Which of the following are restrictions of the SAP HANA flat file upload? A.    A table must have the same column order as the flat file when you append data.B.    The upload does not allow to change the column names of new tables.C.    A new table must have a 1:1 mapping between the flat file columns and the table columns.D.    The upload prevents data type changes when appending data. Answer: CD QUESTION 193You are building a calculation view and want to select data from an analytic view. How can you achieve better performance for this requirement? A.    Use CE functionsB.    Use SQL statementsC.    Use L programmingD.    Use table indexing Answer: A QUESTION 194A company needs to load external data from a flat file into SAP HANA. How can you do this? A.    SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)B.    SAP System Landscape Transformation (SLT)C.    SAP HANA SQL Import statementD.    SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Answer: CD QUESTION 195Which tasks can you perform with the data provisioning view in the SAP HANA studio? A.    Start replication of tablesB.    Filter replicated dataC.    Apply data transformationsD.    Suspend replication of tables Answer: AD QUESTION 196Which of the following are characteristics of an operational data mart based on SAP HANA? A.    It is based on analytic denormalized data modelsB.    It uses real-time replication of time-critical dataC.    It runs directly on top of the operational dataD.    It persists transformed data Answer: BC QUESTION 197Which of the following can you use as a source for a graphical calculation view? A.    Calculation viewB.    SQL viewC.    Decision tableD.    TableE.    Procedure Answer: ACD QUESTION 198You have a replicated an SAP ERP transaction table that contains a language field and a text table containing descriptions in various languages. You create an attribute view by joining these two tables using a text join.As which of the following join types does the text join act in this context? A.    Referential joinB.    Inner joinC.    Left outer joinD.    Right outer join Answer: C QUESTION 199Which of the following tools can you use to load data into SAP HANA from SAP DataSource extractors? A.    SAP Data ServicesB.    SAP Sybase Replication ServerC.    SAP Landscape Transformation ServerD.    SAP Direct Extractor Connection Answer: AD QUESTION 200What are benefits of using an SAP BusinessObjects business layer on top of SAP HANA? A.    Business layers can be exported to the SAP BusinessObjects repository and be used by SAP BusinessObjects client tools.B.    Reporting users can change replication settings in the business layer to access more data.C.    Business layers can be exported to an SAP HANA database and be used for modeling.D.    Reporting users can create individual reports based on separate information models using one business layer. Answer: AD All SAP C_HANAIMP151 exam questions are the new checked and updated! In recent years, the C_HANAIMP151 certification has become a global standard for many successful IT companies. Want to become a certified SAP professional? 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