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A.    Troubleshooting is possible between multiple routing domains and multiple service devices.B.    Tracking is limited to a maximum of 500 tracked instances.C.    New virtual IP address implementation has multiple network touchpoints.D.    It can be used during application migration in which virtual IP addresses cannot be changed.Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 142Which statement about the converged network adapter is true? A.    The converged network adapter is a multifunction adapter that combines the functions of Ethernet NICs and Fibre Channel host bus adapters.B.    The converged network adapters are compatible only with Cisco UCS.C.    The converged network adapter is a virtualized multifunction adapter that combines the functions of Ethernet NICs and iSCSI on the same card.D.    The converged network adapter is a multifunction adapter that works with multiple network speeds and duplex settings, and it supports several storage and network protocols. Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 143Refer to the exhibit. Which three levels of protection for the CoPP policy option from the initial setup utility are va lid (Choose three.)   A.    lenientB.    majorC.    noneD.    minorE.    aggressiveF.    moderate Answer: ACFExplanation: QUESTION 144Which three CLI configuration commands are for port profile as a private VLAN on Cisco Nexus 1000V Series switch? (Choose three.) A.    Switch (config-port-prof)# switch port private-vlan trunk allowed vlan vlan-rangeB.    Switch (Config)# port-profile type vethernet nameC.    Switch (config-port-prof)# switch port mode private-vlan host promiscuousD.    Switch (config-port-prof)# switch port Private-vi an mapping primary_Vlan add secondary_vlanE.    Switch (config-port-prof}# switch port Private-vlan host-association primary-vlan secondary-vlan Answer: ADEExplanation: QUESTION 145Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?   A.    All the Fibre channel ports come up as TNP by default.B.    All the Fibre channel ports come up in TE mode by default.C.    All named VSANs in a cisco USC domain are allowed on all Fibre Channel uplink ports on that fabric interconnect.D.    To enable Fibre Channel switching mode, the fabric interconnect must be reloaded. Answer: D QUESTION 146Drag and Drop QuestionDrag and drop the mode of operation on left onto the correct definition on right.   Answer:  Explanation:Power supply and input source redundancy (full redundancy) CombinedPower supply redundancy (N+1)Input source redundancy (grid redundancy) QUESTION 147Which configuration shows the correct method to correct unified ports in a Cisco nexus 5500 switch? A.    nexus5500# configure terminalnexus5500 (config)# slot 1nexus5500 (config-slot)# port 32 type fcnexus5500 (config-slot)# copy running-config startup-config nexus5500 (config-slot)# reloadB.    nexus5500# configure terminalnexus5500 (config)# slot 1nexus5500 (config)# port 32 type fcnexus5500 (config)# copy running-config startup-confignexus5500 (config)# reloadC.    nexus5500# configure terminalnexus5500 (config)# slot 1nexus5500 (config-slot)# port 32 type fcD.    nexus5500# configure terminalnexus5500 (config)# slot 1nexus5500 (config-slot}# port 32 type unifiednexus5500 (config-slot}# copy running-config startup-config nexus5500 (config-slot}# reload Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 148Which option lists the main components of the Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switch? A.    the virtual supervisory module and virtual Ethernet moduleB.    VMware virtual switch and virtual hostsC.    the virtual chassis and the virtual line cardsD.    the Cisco Nexus ,1010 and 1,00 Series virtual appliances Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 149Which type of port profile is used to dynamically instantiate vEth interface on the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series switch A.    profile-vethB.    vethernetC.    vethinterfaceD.    dynamic-interface Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 150Which three statements about the system port profiles are true? (Choose three} A.    A system port profile cannot be converted to a port profile that is not a system port profile.B.    System VLANs cannot be added to a port profile.C.    In a single ESX host, one VLAN can be a system VLAN on one port but a regular VLAN on another.D.    A system port profile must be converted to a port profile that is not a system port profi le.E.    The native VLAN on a system port profile cannot be a system VLAN.F.    A system port profile must be of the Ethernet type because it is used for physical ports. Answer: ACF QUESTION 151Drag and Drop QuestionDrag and drop feature on the left onto the appropriate business benefits on the right.   Answer:   QUESTION 152Which Ether type is used to identify Fl P? A.    Ox8914B.    Ox8906C.    Ox8915D.    Ox8905 Answer: A QUESTION 153Which two options are health probes used in Cisco ACE? {Choose two.) A.    RADIUSB.    Layer 3 pingC.    Round robinD.    Cookie insertE.    IP hash Answer: ABExplanation: QUESTION 154Which option lists the valid roles for VSM? A.    primary and secondaryB.    standalone, primary, and secondaryC.    central, primary, and secondaryD.    master and slave Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 155Drag and Drop QuestionDrag and drop the actions in the left column into the right column in the order in which you would perform those actions in a step-by-step in-service software upgrade process.   Answer:   QUESTION 156Which three options are key characteristics of the data center core layer in a three-tier architecture? (Choose three.) A.    Provides scalabilityB.    Used to enforce network securityC.    Performs Qos markingD.    Provides connectivity to distribution layerE.    Performs policingF.    High availability Answer: ADFExplanation: QUESTION 157Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about these commands 1s true?   A.    The outputs of the debug are redirected on file test on the "log." directory.B.    The outputs of the debug are redirected to the logging buffer.C.    The command does not have an effect unless you configure "debug enable".D.    If you are on a console connection, the outputs are shown after the event occurs. Answer: AExplanation: QUESTION 158Which two port profiles are used in VSM? (Choose two.) A.    VEMB.    VMkernelsC.    EthernetD.    vEthernetE.    vNIC Answer: CDExplanation: QUESTION 159Refer to the exhibit. The administrator has been provided with this topology, but has not been provided with the IP address of storage switch and has been asked zoning. Which two CLI commands can be used to determine the management addresses of the storage switches? (Choose two)   A.    show npv statusB.    show fens databaseC.    show fcdomain statusD.    show fcdomain domain-listE.    show fcdomain statisticsF.    show cfs internal ethernet-peerG.    show cfs peersH.    show npv internal info Answer: GHExplanation: QUESTION 160What does the previously active supervisor do when "system switchover" is issued? A.    State is transferred and then becomes ha -standby.B.    A core dump file is written, state is transferred, and the system resets.C.    State is transferred; the supervisor reloads and becomes ha -standby.D.    State is transferred; data plane operations are briefly suspended and then become ha -standby. Answer: C Lead2pass is now offering Lead2pass 400-151 PDF dumps with 100% passing guarantee. Use Lead2pass 400-151 PDF and pass your exam easily. 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