8 1

Recomposing a desktop pool fails with the error message:


Which command can be used to help troubleshoot this issue?

A.    ViewDbChk --scanMachines
B.    vdmadmin -S -r
C.    vdmadmin -X -resolve
D.    ViewDbChk --disableDesktop

Answer: A
Explanation: 2

When pairing a security server with a connection server that is behind a firewall that uses network address translation, it is recommended that IPSec be used.
Which protocols are used and need to be allowed between the paired servers?

B.    PCoIP and HTTPS
C.    HTTP and HTTPS
D.    ISAKMP and ESP

Answer: A

While investigating slow performance, an administrator discovered that none of the desktops in the Microsoft Windows 8 pool is reporting metrics to vRealize Operations for VMware Horizon.
What action would enable the Microsoft Windows 8 pool to report metrics to vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon?

A.    Verify that the Microsoft Windows 8 desktop pool has been included in the vRealize Operations for Horizon Broker Agent configuration.
B.    Add the vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon security tag to the Microsoft Windows 8 desktop pool virtual machines.
C.    Add the users of the Microsoft Windows 8 desktops pool to the vRealize Operations Manager group.
D.    Enable vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon in the Microsoft Windows 8 pool settings in the View Administrator console.

Answer: A

Which PowerCLI Execution Policy is required, at a minimum. to run scripts in the VMware Mirage PowerCLI interface?

A.    Unrestricted
B.    AllSigned
C.    RemoteSigned
D.    Undefined

Answer: C
Explanation: 3

Which statement is true about assigning an AppStack for users of an RDS pool?

A.    AppStacks are incompatible with RDS pools.
B.    Both User and Machine assignments are compatible.
C.    User assignment is compatible.
D.    Machine assignment is compatible.

Answer: D
Explanation: 4 (p.18)

Which two operating systems support the View Connection Server? (Choose two.)

A.    Windows Server 2012 R2
B.    Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
C.    Windows Server 2008 R2
D.    Windows Server 2012

Answer: AB
Explanation: 5

Which two best practices must be followed when deploying View on VMware VSAN? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable View Storage Acceleration.
B.    Increase the amount of smaller SAS disks used for the caching tier.
C.    Increase the amount of smaller SAS disks used the capacity tier.
D.    Turn on VAAI.

Answer: AB

In order to expand a Mirage installation from the current 4,000 endpoints to at least 6,000 endpoints, which component must be upgraded?

A.    MongoDB File Database Server
B.    Mirage Management Server
C.    Mirage Web Management Server
D.    SQL 2008 Express R2 Server

Answer: B

Before configuring SAML authentication to work with True Single Sign-On, which two prerequisites must be met? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure SAML authenticator to use self-signed certificates.
B.    The root certificate for the SAML server is installed.
C.    Install and configure VMware Identity Manager.
D.    Single sign-on is disabled as a global setting.

Answer: BC
Explanation: 6

In what two ways is Enforcing Layers useful in VMware Mirage? (Choose two.)

A.    It can remove user-installed applications that corrupt system files.
B.    It can resolve problems with changes made to files and registry by users and applications.
C.    It can keep the Inventory up to date.
D.    It can allow installation of additional user-installed applications.

Answer: BD
Explanation: 7

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