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Cisco Telepresence Systems that are calling from a CUCM cluster to an H.323 registered device on a Cisco VCS Control do not work.
However, calls from the H.323 VCS registered devices to the same CUCM registered systems do work. What are two possible reasons?

A.    the call from CUCM to VCS Control does not match any search rule
B.    Calls from CUCM add “:5060” or “:5061” after the SIP address, unlike the VCS Control
C.    both systems do not support TLS encryption
D.    the SIP trunk has not enabled bidirectional mode
E.    Cisco VCS Control is registered in the wrong partition

Answer: A

Which CUCM database replication issue would cause CUCM nodes to generate the error “Reverse DNS lookup failed”?

A.    DNS server is down
B.    DNS server reported that no IP address was returned for a requested A record lookup
C.    DNS server reported that no HOSTNAME was returned for a requested A record lookup
D.    DNS server reported that no IP address existed for a requested SRV record lookup
E.    DNS server reported that no HOSTNAME was returned for a requested PTR record lookup

Answer: C

After you upgrade a CUCM cluster,users are unable to log in to their phones.
Which three actions must you take to correct the problem? (3)

A.    restart TOMCAT service on all servers
B.    regenerate the Tomcat.pem certificate on the PUB only
C.    reconfigure the Extension Mobility feature on the PUB and rebuild the PUB
D.    regenerate the Tomcat.pem certificate on the PUB & SUB
E.    reboot all servers in the cluster
F.    restart the TVS and TFTP services on all servers

Answer: ADF

Users in your enterprise can establish PSTN calls, but users notice that when they attempt to perform a transfer the call FAILS.
Which two actions must you take to troubleshoot the problem?

A.    Verify that media resources are assigned to the transcoder
B.    verify that MTP resources are registered with CUCM
C.    restart CUCM services
D.    Use RTMT Performance monitoring to verify that an MTP device is available to support supplementary services
E.    restart Cisco Serviceabilty tool

Answer: BD

You have received an SNMP notification that the phones in your enterprise are failing to receive TFTP updates.
Which action must you take to troubleshoot the problem?

A.    Verify that Unity Connection is replicating with a status of 5
B.    verify that port monitoring is enabled
C.    reboot the TFTP server
D.    Verify DB replication
E.    Debug the voice gateway to locate SIP traces

Answer: C

After you deploy a cluster with LDAP authentication, you receive multiple reports that users are unable to log in to their phones with EXT MOB.
Which two steps must you take to troubleshoot the problem?

A.    Restart the DirSync service in the CUCM PUB
B.    check whether the LDAP configuration requires SSL
C.    check whether the LDAP server is acting as a global catalog server
D.    Check whether CUCM is running
E.    download and install the Sun LDAP connector

Answer: BD

IP phone users on your network report hearing echoes of their own voices during calls.
Which three actions correct the problem (3)?

A.    adjust padding & receive levels
B.    confirm that the users turn off their headsets when their phones are in speaker mode
C.    verify that the most recent software versions are in use and the latest patches are applied
D.    install a new motherboard in Cisco IOS Router
E.    Bind media to the switch port instead of the incoming dial peer
F.    remove the bearer capability for voice traffic

Answer: BC

An organization is setting up integration of its CUCM cluster to a newly deployed VCS cluster. THe requirement is to allow the CUCM registered endpoints to be able to call VCS registered video endpoints and send a call from IP phone to VCS whenever an IP phone dials any number with the prefix 555 followed by an extension.
Which CUCM construct must be configured to fulfill this req?

A.    SIP Route Pattern
B.    Local Route Group
C.    Translation Pattern
D.    SIP Dial Rules
E.    Route Pattern

Answer: A

After migrating a cisco IP Phone to a new cluster the phone continue to register with its old CUCM cluster. IP Phone status ERROR: TRUST LIST UPDATE FAILED
Which two actions must you take to troubleshoot the problem?

A.    CallManager services are not running on the destination cluster
B.    the new TFTP server is not in the ITL file
C.    the phone is not provisioned correctly on the destination cluster
D.    the phone cannot reach its new TFTP server

Answer: BD

An engineer has a SIP TRUNK configured between CUCM and VCS cluster.
When a call is made from a Telep EX60 that is registered to the VCS to an IP PHONE 9971 that is registered on the CUCM, it rings.
But upon picking up the call, a busy tone is heard.
What should be checked to resolve this issue?

A.    CUCM zone on the VCS
B.    SIP trunk registration
C.    authentication on the SIP trunk
D.    SIP trunk and phone region settings

Answer: D

After you install Cisco Jabber client, it fails to register with the CUCM server.
Which two actions must you take to troubleshoot the problem?

A.    verify that the name of the configuration file is correct
B.    verify Layer 3 connectivity on the gateway
C.    verify that the corporate firewall allows connections TO and FROM Jabber client
D.    verify that the LMHOST files is installed on the PC
E.    reboot CUBE gateway

Answer: BC

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