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Which four characteristics are associated with video? (Choose four)

A.    greedy
B.    TCP retransmits
C.    UDP priority
D.    delay sensitive
E.    drop sensitive
F.    benign
G.    bursty

Answer: CDEG

Which type of packet-oriented network has the characteristic of being drop-tolerant and delayinsensitive?

A.    data
B.    voice
C.    video
D.    converged
E.    All packet-oriented networks share these characteristics.

Answer: A

When placing a call from Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence to the Cisco TelePresence System Codec C40, which FECCs are available?

A.    Only zoom-in and zoom-out are available.
B.    Only left and right are available.
C.    Only up and down are available.
D.    No FECC is available.
E.    Left, right, up, down, zoom-in, and zoom-out are all available.

Answer: E

Which statement is correct regarding the difference between Multisite and Multiway conferencing?

A.    Multisite requires configuration on the endpoint, whereas Multiway requires the Multiway
options key to be installed.
B.    Multisite requires the presence of a multipoint control unit, whereas Multiway relies on the
endpoint conferencing capability.
C.    Multisite is used to conference in multiple sites, whereas Multiway is intrasite multipoint conferencing.
D.    Multisite requires the Multisite options key to be installed and configured at the endpoint,
whereas Multiway requires a Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Server and a
centralized multipoint control unit.

Answer: D

Which two of these can cause registration problems for a Cisco TelePresence Codec C40 endpoint running in H.323 mode? (Choose two.)

A.    The IP default gateway address is incorrect for the endpoint.
B.    The H.323 license stack is not added to the endpoint.
C.    The MAC address for the endpoint has not been added to the Cisco TelePresence VCS.
D.    The E.164 H323Alias has not been configured on the endpoint.
E.    The URI address has not been configured on the endpoint.

Answer: AD

What is the main difference between Cisco Jabber and Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence?

A.    Cisco Jabber registers to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, whereas Cisco
Jabber Video for TelePresence registers to the VCS.
B.    Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence registers to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, whereas Cisco Jabber registers to the VCS.
C.    Cisco Jabber has no video calling capabilities, whereas Cisco Jabber Video for
TelePresence has video capabilities.
D.    Cisco Jabber has no presence capabilities, whereas Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence
has presence capabilities.
E.    There is no difference between Cisco Jabber and Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence.
They should not coexist in the same network.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which two of these can cause the phone status error icon that is shown in the exhibit? (Choose two.)


A.    The Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service is not available.
B.    The username and password in Cisco Jabber phone services are misconfigured.
C.    The Cisco Jabber initial audio and video settings need to be set.
D.    There is no DN configured for the Cisco Unified Client Services Framework in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
E.    The Cisco Jabber does not have the correct phone button template and hence cannot register
to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
F.    The called user presence status is unknown.

Answer: BD

The Cisco Telepresence Codec C90 is unable to call the Cisco IP Video Phone. Assuming that the calling search space has been configured correctly, which of the these can cause this issue?





A.    The Cisco Telepresence Codec C90 can only be registered to a Cisco Telepresence Video Communication Server.
B.    A multipoint control unit is required in order for the call to work.
C.    The Cisco Telepresence Codec C90 can only be registered as a SIP endpoint to Cisco
Unified Communications Manager. H.323 is not supported.
D.    URI dialing has not been configured on Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
E.    The Cisco Telepresence Codec C90 Profile 1 > CallSetupMode must be configured as a
gateway since Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not have a gatekeeper
F.    The Cisco Telepresence Codec C90 is not registered as a SIP endpoint on Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
The Cisco Telepresence Codec C90 needs to be registered as both SIP and G.323.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. What can be deduced from the log shown in the exhibit, which was taken from a Cisco TelePresence Codec C60?


A.    A direct call to 52902511 is being made.
B.    A Multiway call to [email protected] is being made.
C.    No calls are being attempted by the endpoint.
D.    A BFCP call is being initiated.
E.    The endpoint is receiving a call from the VCS.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Under which tab can the registration status for the endpoint be found?


A.    Diagnostics
B.    Configuration
C.    Call Control
D.    Maintenance

Answer: A

Cisco Video Surveillance Video Encoder cards perform which function?

A.    the ability to use existing analog equipment with an IP-enabled video surveillance system
B.    the ability to convert low-resolution video to high-definition video for video surveillance
C.    the ability to stream digital media to digital media in an IP-enabled video recording
D.    the ability to encrypt raw video signals to secure video signals

Answer: A

Which two issues does utilizing an IP network storage solution for IP video surveillance help overcome? (Choose two.)

A.    analog to IP conversion
B.    large, expandable storage space
C.    physical security
D.    scalability
E.    faster bit rate for storage

Answer: BD

How many passwords are utilized for each user in Cisco Unity Connection?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    2
D.    3

Answer: C

In which section of the user template is CoS configured in Cisco Unity Connection?

A.    Location
B.    Name
C.    Phone
D.    System

Answer: C

You have been informed from the field that a new Cisco TelePresence video endpoint has been deployed with an IPv4 address of
You need to check for connectivity from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager server. Which command should be entered to check for network connectivity?

A.    utils network traceroute newsystem.domain254.local
B.    utils network ping
C.    ping
D.    traceroute
E.    utils network host cucm.osl147.local

Answer: B

Which three features are supported by the Cisco Video Surveillance Encoding Server? (Choose three.)

A.    IP and analog cameras
B.    MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoding
C.    archiving
D.    motion detection
E.    clustering
F.    virtual matrix

Answer: ACD

Which three products are compatible with Digital Media Manager? (Choose three.)

A.    Media Delivery Engine
B.    Interactive Experience Client
C.    Show and Share
D.    Cast
E.    Digital Signs
F.    Stadium Vision Director

Answer: CDE

A customer has a data and VoIP converged network and would like to add video to this network. Which two key QoS elements should be included in the new network design? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure bandwidth management features to smooth bursty traffic and mitigate end-to-end congestion.
B.    Assign a high priority to transactional traffic to maintain quality of business traffic.
C.    Keep video traffic on the low latency queue and move voice traffic to a lower-priority queue.
D.    Apply bandwidth control features that will guarantee bandwidth for the maximum possible amount of video traffic.
E.    Assign both video and voice traffic to use the highest-priority queue.

Answer: AD

A network engineer wants to quickly view any issues that may exist for a newly deployed Cisco TelePresence SX20 codec. To which location in the codec web GUI should the engineer navigate to find this information?

A.    Diagnostics > Alerts
B.    Diagnostics > Troubleshooting
C.    Configuration > System Status
D.    Configuration > Security

Answer: B

An engineer wants to know if there is a way to determine the optical zoom of a Cisco TelePresence SX20 remotely. Which two methods will retrieve this information? (Choose two.)

A.    From the CLI, run xstatus.
B.    From the CLI, run xconfig.
C.    From the web GUI, choose Configuration > System Status > Camera.
D.    From the web GUI, choose Configuration> Camera > Status.
E.    From CLI, run xcommand camera.

Answer: AC

A desktop video endpoint is needed that can support a PrecisionHD camera design and a built-in display, and is Bluetooth-ready and multisite-capable. Which desktop endpoint supports all of these requirements?

A.    SX20
B.    EX60
C.    SX80
D.    EX90

Answer: D

An immersive video room requires acoustic remediation because there is noticeable reverb present. What type of acoustic paneling does Cisco recommend to provide remediation?

A.    NRC rating greater than 0.75
B.    NRC rating greater than 0.5
C.    NRC rating less than 0.75
D.    NRC rating less than 0.5

Answer: A

An engineer is configuring a Cisco TelePresence System endpoint for use with a maximum of six people in the room. Which table type should be configured when setting up cameras where two participants directly face the endpoint display?

A.    short racetrack
B.    long racetrack
C.    short rectangle
D.    long rectangle

Answer: A

Which two methods can be used to set the default call protocol of a Cisco TelePresence endpoint running TelePresence codec firmware? (Choose two.)

A.    Use the GUI and set System > H.323 > Settings > Default Call Protocol > H.323.
B.    Use the CLI command xConfiguration Conference 1 DefaultCall Protocol: H323.
C.    Use the CLI command Conference Default Protocol: H323.
D.    Use the CLI command Default Protocol: H323.
E.    Use the GUI and set Configuration > System Configuration > Conference > DefaultCall >
F.    323.

Answer: BE

On a Cisco C-Series codec, where would a technician go to configure the wallpaper?

A.    Configuration > User Administration
B.    Configuration > Personalization
C.    Configuration > Peripherals
D.    Configuration > System Configuration

Answer: B

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