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A company has been given a Class C address to be utilized for all devices. The company has several subnets and the largest subnet has 15 hosts. Which of the following represents the MINIMUM CIDR notation of this subnet mask?

A.    /26
B.    /27
C.    /28
D.    /29

Answer: B

A company has gone through several upgrades on their network but unfortunately have no way of identifying who approved the upgrades. Which of the following should be implemented to track this type of work?

A.    Change management
B.    Asset management
C.    Access log
D.    Baselines

Answer: A

An administrator is trying to retrieve management information from the network devices on their LAN. Which of the following monitoring resources provides the ability to collect this information encrypted over the network?

A.    SNMPv3
B.    VTP
C.    CDP
D.    IPSec

Answer: A

Which of the following WAN technologies utilizes an optical SONET carrier and has a maximum bandwidth of 155.54Mbps?

A.    DS3
B.    E3
C.    OC3
D.    T3

Answer: C

A network administrator decides to secure their small network by allowing only specific MAC addresses to gain access to the network from specific switches. Which of the following is described by this example?

A.    Packet filtering
B.    Hardware firewalls
C.    Port security
D.    Stateful inspection

Answer: C

Which of the following is used to limit the amount of bandwidth used on a link for different applications to improve overall performance?

A.    QoS
B.    Fault tolerance
C.    Load balancing
D.    Traffic shaping

Answer: D

Users are reporting that all of a sudden some of the files stored on the remote file server share are becoming corrupted and cannot be opened. A technician is dispatched to the server room to troubleshoot. The technician verifies that no changes to the network infrastructure occurred recently. Which of the following tools is MOST likely to reveal why files are becoming corrupted?

A.    Environmental monitor
B.    OTDR
C.    Cable tester
D.    Punch down tool

Answer: A

A large corporate office is looking to place smaller network closets around campus to handle switching for remote workstations. To which of the following is this referring?

A.    MDF
B.    VPN
C.    RDP
D.    IDF

Answer: D

MIMO technology in the 802.11n standard provides for which of the following benefits?

A.    Channel expansion
B.    Gigabit wireless bandwidth
C.    Multipath support
D.    Channel bonding

Answer: C

A small office is looking to deploy wireless to cover one half of the work area only. The technician is restricted to suspending the WAP in the middle of the office due to network jack limitations. Which of the following antenna types would BEST meet these requirements?

A.    Dipole
B.    Parabolic
C.    Directional
D.    Omni-directional

Answer: C

If a technician does not assign an IP address to a device, the DHCP server will assign the device

A.    static IP address.
B.    reservation.
C.    dynamic IP address.
D.    MAC address.

Answer: C

A technician has been called about intermittent connectivity near IDF 2. Multiple cables were recently pulled through a common conduit. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the problem?

A.    Crosstalk
B.    Bad connectors
C.    Wrong DNS
D.    Duplicate IP address

Answer: A

Which of the following would be used on a network to ensure access to resources if a critical host becomes unavailable?

A.    QoS
B.    CARP
C.    VLAN
D.    DHCP server

Answer: B

Which of the following is used to ensure traffic flows efficiently on multiple T-1 circuits?

A.    DNS server
B.    Content filter
C.    Proxy server
D.    Load balancer

Answer: D

All users on a specific network segment report losing access to the wired network. During troubleshooting, the network administrator observes link lights on the workstations. When physically reviewing each switch, the network administrator changes the switch view settings to Activity and sees that all port lights remain solid green. Which of the following is MOST likely causing this issue?

A.    STP convergence
B.    Power failure
C.    Excessive bandwidth usage
D.    Broadcast storm

Answer: D

Which of the following STP states indicates an inactivated port due to a loop?

A.    Disabled
B.    Learning
C.    Blocking
D.    Forwarding

Answer: C

Which of the following cables supports 10Gbps throughput and 100 meters as the maximum distance?

A.    T1 crossover
B.    Singlemode fiber
C.    CAT6a
D.    Coaxial

Answer: C

A number of remote users have reported being unable to securely log on to the company’s network. Upon speaking with some of the employees experiencing the issue, no changes were made to their configurations, usernames, or passwords. The technician establishes a theory that one of the VPN concentrators may be down. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A.    Plan to reboot the concentrator as the potential solution
B.    Escalate the problem to management
C.    Continue to speak to users, questioning if changes have been made
D.    Test access to the concentrator to confirm the status

Answer: D

In a small office environment, one computer is set up to provide Internet access to three other computers that are not interconnected. This is an example of which of the following topology types?

A.    Peer-to-peer
B.    Point-to-multipoint
C.    Hybrid
D.    Point-to-point

Answer: B

A network technician is trying to run a protocol analyzer and is instructed to record the chimney offload state of TCP. Which of the following utilities did the technician use to check this parameter with the output listed below?

Querying active state…
TCP Global Parameters
Receive-Side Scaling State : enabled
Chimney Offload State : disabled
Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level : normal
Add-On Congestion Control Provider : ctcp
ECN Capability : disabled
RFC 1323 Timestamps : disabled

A.    net
B.    netstat
C.    nbtstat
D.    netsh

Answer: D

Which of the following can use a third party back-end LDAP user database for authentication?

C.    PKI
D.    CHAP

Answer: B

A technician has spent most of the day replacing a server running DHCP. Some of the users have begun to call the help desk stating that Internet connection stopped working even after rebooting. Upon investigation, the users’ PCs with issues all have IP addresses that start with 169.254.x.x. The technician completes the replacement and powers on the new DHCP server. Which of the following is the BEST way to provide the PCs with issues a new IP address?

A.    Statically assign a legitimate IP address, and then set the PCs’ NICs to DHCP
B.    Inform each user to replace 169.254 with 192.168
C.    Wait five minutes until the PC resends a DHCP request
D.    Run netstat on each PC and then reboot into safe mode

Answer: C

A network administrator is implementing an IPS on VLAN 1 and wants the IPS to learn what to prevent on its own. Which of the following would MOST likely be installed?

A.    Honeynet
B.    Signature based IPS
C.    Behavior based IPS
D.    Host based IPS

Answer: C

Which of the following network topologies is ONLY possible between two users?

A.    Star
B.    Client-server
C.    Hybrid
D.    Peer-to-peer

Answer: D

Ann, a new user, is unable to communicate on the network from her computer. A technician has verified that the cables are functioning properly. Based on the information below, which action should the technician take to correct Ann’s problem?

SM: address
GW: 100 Duplex Full

A.    Change the duplex on the switch interface to half
B.    Change the speed on the switch interface to 10Mbps
C.    Change the subnet mask of the computer to
D.    Change the IP address of the computer to

Answer: D

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