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Who are the two primary users of an implementation strategy? (Choose two.)

A.    the technical architect
B.    the leaders for training
C.    executive sponsor and steering committee
D.    the program leader responsible for achieving business results
E.    major work package owners

Answer: DE

Which action is the recommended way to mitigate or minimize risks?

A.    Assign the most experienced resource to a single risk item.
B.    Add customer IT personnel to the project team so that they can bear responsibilities along with Cisco and the Partner.
C.    Rate the priority and potential impact from risks and assign resources accordingly.
D.    Include more capabilities in the solution to reduce risks without concern about the cost or timeframe impacts.

Answer: C

Which option describes what a change leader is responsible for?

A.    telling people how they should do their work
B.    assigning key people to be role models
C.    planning to fill open jobs
D.    deciding how to give out favors

Answer: B

Which action should be done when you present the business case to stakeholders?

A.    Focus mainly on near-term investments and leave discussion about rollout until after a pilot is complete.
B.    Give a comprehensive picture of the costs, benefits, and considerations that the customer should think about.
C.    Ask the IT executive to publicly commit their support for your recommendation.
D.    Be cautious when you discuss the risks that the organization should consider to gain support without raising possible challenges.

Answer: B

The customer has previously implemented a Cisco network management solution. You have an opportunity to improve security and threat detection. Which approach is an appropriate way to tie together the benefits of the solutions?

A.    Explain how the security software leverages underlying capabilities of the network management solution.
B.    Describe how proprietary technology elements provide the customer with the most advanced solution, which eliminates risk to a business unit.
C.    Identify the financial benefits not yet realized with the network management solution, and ensure they can be attained through the security solution.
D.    Select the top five value-added aspects of the security solution, and model the financial benefit under three scenarios. This exercise gives insight into possible levels of benefit.

Answer: A

You are working on a project to install a new RFID system for a logistics company.
Which obstacle to realizing benefits should you expect?

A.    The users have not been trained to capture before and after data points.
B.    Transaction volumes are 5% different than expected.
C.    The system is in a pilot stage.
D.    The infrastructure has not been in production mode for at least 3 months.

Answer: A

Which option is a nonfinancial impact?

A.    number of new sales wins due to improved collaboration
B.    percentage reduction in attrition (resignations) among customer service reps due to improved tools
C.    retirement of servers previously used for capacity spikes
D.    improved brand image and reputation, as reflected in an informal set of interviews by someone writing an industry blog

Answer: D

Which option is recommended when you document potential solution options?

A.    Only list two possible choices to make it easiest for the customer to make a selection.
B.    Communicate information about various options at a relatively similar level of detail.
C.    Provide analysis to the lowest level of detail for each of the available choices.
D.    Only provide data on Cisco and Partner solutions. If ecosystem partners are used in the solution, refer the customer to these companies for solution information.

Answer: B

Which action should be done to assess training needs?

A.    Ask mangers if their employees need new skills.
B.    Look at prior problem tickets.
C.    Conduct interviews with people who represent major user roles.
D.    Identify where the system is most confusing to use.

Answer: C

Which statement explains why a requirement is different than a viewpoint?

A.    Requirements are subjective and viewpoints are fact.
B.    Requirements must come from one person.
C.    Requirements state needs and viewpoints are thoughts.
D.    Requirements come from users and viewpoints come from executives.

Answer: C

How does a business value approach contribute to the sales process?

A.    gives the CIO a blueprint for organizing the IT department
B.    provides a framework to align the business strategy and priorities with the processes that are needed to achieve goals
C.    ensures that best practices are included in the design of new workflows
D.    allows for pieces of a larger project to be designed independently without concern for linkages

Answer: B

Which statement describes a risk that is associated with relying on a customer’s IT department?

A.    The timeframe for executing the tasks may be longer than if Cisco or a Partner did this work.
B.    The business unit executive uncovers that the solution required some customization, tailoring, or configuration.
C.    The IT executive takes credit for an activity which Cisco or the Partner should have executed.
D.    The total cost of implementation is lower than you originally anticipated.

Answer: A

Which statement about assumptions that are defined when you create the business case is true?

A.    They reflect best case situations for obtaining the highest level of benefit.
B.    They are defined to reduce the risk that the customer is unhappy with solution benefits.
C.    They should reflect factors or activities that are not yet known, but require some estimate or basis to develop a credible business case.
D.    They should be validated only with the IT representatives, not with business unit personnel.

Answer: C

Which statement about customer value chain analysis is true?

A.    It shows the specific cost that is associated with each process step.
B.    It depicts the major communications activities that are executed by senior execs.
C.    It shows relationships between key pieces of the customer’s operating model.
D.    It shows the dependencies to realize benefits from a new IT infrastructure effort.

Answer: C

Which statement about discovery meetings for larger scope projects is true?

A.    Discovery should be performed to a lower level of detail than for smaller projects.
B.    Planning for discovery activities may take more effort, but this step is essential.
C.    The project team should be staffed with more subcontractors to keep the costs down.
D.    Request that the customer captures a baseline of needs in advance of your work.

Answer: B

Which statement about why stakeholder analysis for a large initiative can be challenging is true?

A.    A higher level of politics and uncertainty typically exists with larger initiatives.
B.    The IT department most likely has a higher level of influence as compared to other projects.
C.    The stakeholder analysis 2×2 framework — interest vs. power — only works for small scope projects.
D.    It is necessary to assess 90% or more of the stakeholders for an effort.

Answer: A

You are working on a project to install a new RFID system for a logistics company. Which obstacle to realizing benefits should you expect?

A.    A network upgrade is in the planning stage.
B.    Users are in transition from three old systems and technologies where measurements from old to new processes are unreliable.
C.    The solution requirements do not include analytics, so measuring results is out of scope.
D.    The RFID chip and sensor technology is old and an upgrade is planned for next year.

Answer: B

When you rate the severity of technical constraints, which action should you take for an unexpected obstacle?

A.    Resolve the obstacle as soon as possible to reduce the likelihood that a customer uncovers this new information.
B.    Assess the impact on the solution implementation and benefits to the customer, and then explain the situation in context of the big picture.
C.    Note the obstacle for attention in the next phase of work.
D.    Identify ways to address the problem and choose the lowest cost, fastest option available.

Answer: B

Which option is included in a business scenario?

A.    activity-based costing used to perform the activities.
B.    peak, low, and average transaction volumes
C.    business goal, major activities, information used, and interactions among people and technology
D.    list of recommended technology products, to provide automation and reduce costs

Answer: C

Which option best reflects information that must be captured before you create the business case?

A.    customer’s budget and expectations for ROI
B.    estimate of investment required: initial investment, recurring for each period, and specific to a project or component
C.    assessment of the customer’s procurement process
D.    detailed analysis of cost savings that results from a pilot

Answer: B

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