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A technician has been given the task to install a wireless network in a user’s home. Which of the following should the technician consider when implementing the network? (Select TWO).

A.    That there is strong encryption enabled and configured on the access point.
B.    The user’s home network has a correctly completed WHOIS entry.
C.    The access point is broadcasting the SSID based upon manufacturer’s standards.
D.    There are no conflicts of channels in use by neighboring wireless networks.
E.    There are redundant internal DNS names set in the access point’s settings.
F.    That the access point’s MAC address is properly set in its configuration settings.

Answer: AD
Strong encryption is required to keep the user’s internet safe and secure so as to avoid misuse of the internet connection and to ensure that channel conflicts are not there so that the signals do not compete with each other and user start to face intermittent connection.

Users are reporting wired connectivity drops in a new office with brand new CAT6 infrastructure. Which of the following tools should a technician use to BEST troubleshoot this issue?

A.    OTDR
B.    Protocol analyzer
C.    Toner probe
D.    Cable certifier

Answer: D
A cable certifier is an electronic device used to verify the source of electric current, voltage and a switching matrix used to connect the current source and the volt meter to all of the contact points in a cable.

Which of the following wireless technologies only uses the 5GHz spectrum but reaches a theoretical throughput of only 54Mbps?

A.    A
B.    B
C.    G
D.    N

Answer: A
802.11a standard uses the same core protocol as the original standard, operates in 5 GHz band, and uses a 52-subcarrier orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) with a maximum raw data rate of 54 Mbit/s, which yields realistic net achievable throughput in the mid-20 Mbit/s. The data rate is reduced to 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 9 then 6 Mbit/s if required.

Which of the following is the definition of a DNS server?

A.    Hosts proprietary business applications
B.    Translates FQDN’s to IP addresses
C.    Provides network IDS/IPS security
D.    Assigns IP addresses to network devices

Answer: B
Domain Name System (DNS) is the name resolution protocol for TCP/IP networks, such as the Internet. Client computers query a DNS server to resolve memorable, alphanumeric DNS names to the IP addresses that computers use to communicate with each other.

Which of the following features can BEST be used to facilitate authorized remote access to a network?

A.    VPN concentrator
B.    Proxy server
C.    Content filter
D.    Load balancer

Answer: A
The VPN Concentrator is used for Remote Access VPN’s. In typical use, a Remote Access VPN allows users to use an encrypted tunnel to securely access a corporate or other network via the Internet.

Which of the following WAN technology types has the GREATEST latency?

A.    ISDN
B.    Fiber
C.    Satellite
D.    Cable

Answer: C
Becausesatellites provide a microwave radio relay technology complementary to that of communication cables. They are also used for mobile applications such as communications to ships, vehicles, planes and hand-held terminals, and for TV and radiobroadcasting.

Multiple networked devices running on the same physical hardware that provide central access to applications and files, where each device runs as a piece of software are known as:

A.    virtual desktops.
B.    switches.
C.    PBXs.
D.    virtual servers.

Answer: D
A Virtualserver, usually a Web server, that shares computer resources with other virtual servers. In this context, the virtual part simply means that it is not adedicated server — that is, the entire computer is not dedicated to running the server software

Which of the following is a Class A IP address?


Answer: A
Class A ip address ranges from to

A network where all traffic feeds through a centralized gateway uses which of the following topologies?

A.    Peer-to-peer
B.    Ring
C.    Bus
D.    Star

Answer: D
A bus topology is a type of network setup where each computer and network device is connected to a single cable or backbone.

A technician working for a company with a wireless network named WirelessA notices a second wireless network named WirelessB. WirelessB is MOST likely a:

A.    man-in-the-middle attack.
B.    rogue access point.
C.    evil twin.
D.    packet sniffer.

Answer: B
A rogue access point is a wireless access point that has either been installed on a secure company network without explicit authorization from a local network administrator, or has been created to allow a hacker to conduct a man-in-the-middle attack.

A user cannot access the LAN after working successfully most of the day. Which of the following should the network administrator check FIRST?

A.    VLAN settings
B.    History logs
C.    Patch cable
D.    Port security

Answer: C
A patch cable or patch cord or patch lead is an electrical or optical cable used to connect (“patch- in”) one electronic or optical device to another for signal routing.

Which of the following can be used to limit wireless network access to a single computer?

A.    Configure PPP
B.    Packet sniffing
C.    MAC address filtering
D.    Omni-directional antennas

Answer: C
Wireless access can be filtered by using theMedia Access Control (MAC)addresses of the wireless devices transmitting within your wireless network. You can either permit or prevent specific wireless computers and devices access to your wireless network.

Which of the following is the Telco end of a T1 demarc?

A.    Smart jack
B.    Network tap
C.    Proxy server
D.    IDF

Answer: A
Smartjacks provides diagnostic capabilities. A very common capability provided by a smartjack is loopback, such that the signal from the telephone company is transmitted back to the telephone company. This allows the telephone company to test the line from the central office, without the need to have test equipment at the customer site. The telephone company usually has the ability to remotely activate loopback, without even needing personnel at the customer site. When looped back, the customer equipment is disconnected from the line.

The network administrator installed a new dipole antenna that extends 100 feet (30.48 meters) from the existing AP. All components are correct, functional, and installed properly. However, during validation, there is a very weak signal coming from the antenna. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A.    The installation exceeds the link limitations
B.    The antenna is mounted for vertical polarization
C.    The dBi output of the antenna is too low
D.    The radio is too powerful for the installation

Answer: A
Explanation: Unlike isotropic antennas, dipole antennas are real antennas. Dipole antennas have a different radiation pattern compared to isotropic antennas. The dipole radiation pattern is 360 degrees in the horizontal plane and 75 degrees in the vertical plane (assuming the dipole antenna is standing vertically) and resembles a donut in shape. Because the beam is “slightly” concentrated, dipole antennas have a gain over isotropic antennas of 2.14 dB in the horizontal plane. Dipole antennas are said to have a gain of 2.14 dBi (in comparison to an isotropic antenna).

Which of the following WAN technologies uses an analog phone line to transmit data?

A.    LTE
B.    DSL
C.    Satellite
D.    Cable

Answer: B
DSL is a high-speed Internet service like cable Internet. DSL provides high-speed networking over ordinary phone lines using broadband modem technology. DSL technology allows Internet and telephone service to work over the same phone line without requiring customers to disconnect either their voice or Internet connections.

In order to limit the number of dynamic addresses of hosts on a network, which of the following can be implemented?

A.    Scope options
B.    Leases
C.    Reservations
D.    DNS suffixes

Answer: C
DHCP Reservation is used to assign a fixed IP Address to a device that always requires the same IP Address every time it is in use. This feature can be used for a print server, IP Camera, Network storage device as well as a computer

Users report that they are unable to access any external websites. The local intranet is not affected. A network technician has isolated the problem to a Linux-based server. Which of the following commands will enable the technician to view DNS information on the Linux-based server?

A.    nbtstat
B.    ipconfig
C.    dig
D.    netstat

Answer: C
By dig command technician will come to know wheather name resolution is happening in correc way or not.

A small business owner is setting up a SOHO office. The business owner needs one device that will allow for Internet access, trunk VLANs, translate multiple private IP addresses into public IP addresses, and filter packets. Which of the following network devices will allow for all functions?

A.    A VPN concentrator
B.    A switch
C.    A router
D.    A firewall

Answer: C
A router is a device which is capable of performing entire task required by the business owner.

A Linux-based workstation is unable to connect to an IP printer on the same network segment. The printer IP address settings have been verified. How would a network technician verify IP address settings on the Linux-based workstation?

A.    Run the dig command on the workstation.
B.    Run the nslookup command on the workstation.
C.    Run the ipconfig command on the workstation.
D.    Run the ifconfig command on the workstation.

Answer: D
The “ifconfig” command allows the linux/unix operating system to setup network interfaces and allow the user to view information about the configured network interfaces.

Joe, a remote user, has called the helpdesk with an issue on his machine. The technician would like to remote into the machine for troubleshooting but does not know the IP address or host name. Which of the following commands can the technician ask Joe to execute to gain this information?

A.    netstat
B.    ipconfig
C.    ping
D.    traceroute

Answer: B
As ipconfig command will give the information which is assigned to nic for communication so that technician will contact joe with his ip.

A newly hired technician is sent to an alternate site to complete the build out of large scale LAN. Which of the following tools should the technician have on hand to install the bulk CAT6 cable? (Select TWO).

A.    Loopback plug
B.    Multimeter
C.    OTDR
D.    Crimper
E.    Cable tester
F.    TDR

Answer: DE
A cable tester is an electronic device used to verify the source of electric current, voltage and a switching matrix used to connect the current source and the volt meter to all of the contact points in a cable.

A user’s workstation is experiencing multiple errors when trying to open programs. Which of the following log files should the technician review to assist in troubleshooting these errors?

A.    History Log
B.    Application Log
C.    System Log
D.    Security Log

Answer: B
As application logs provide the user wheather application is compatible with system or not.Or what is the cuase which is making trouble.

802.11n can operate at which of the following frequencies? (Select TWO).

A.    2.4Mhz
B.    2.5Mhz
C.    5Mhz
D.    2.4Ghz
E.    2.5Ghz
F.    5Ghz

Answer: DF
802.11n is an amendment which improves upon the previous 802.11 standards by adding multiple-input multiple-output antennas (MIMO). 802.11n operates on both the 2.4 GHz
and the lesser used 5 GHz bands

Which of the following connector types are used in terminating singlemode fiber cables? (Select TWO).

A.    LC
B.    F-connector
C.    DB-9
D.    BNC
E.    RJ-11
F.    SC

Answer: AF
A variety of optical fiber connectors are available, but SC and LC connectors are the most common types of connectors on the market.[citation needed] Typical connectors are rated for 500?,000 mating cycles. The main differences among types of connectors are dimensions and methods of mechanical coupling. Generally, organizations will standardize on one kind ofconnector, depending on what equipment they commonly use. Different connectors are required for multimode, and for single-mode fibers

Which of the following cable types supports the FURTHEST distance when connecting various MDFs?

A.    Multimode
B.    UTP
C.    Singlemode
D.    CAT6

Answer: C
Single-mode optical fiber (SMF) is an optical fiber designed to carry only a single ray of light (mode). These modes define the way the wave travels through space, i.e. how the wave is
distributed in space.

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