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Which three options are valid system classes for QoS in a Cisco UCS blade system? (Choose three.)

A.    platinum
B.    silver
C.    best effort
D.    voice
E.    high-priority
F.    FCoE
G.    drop eligible

Answer: ABC

Which three statements are a result of utilizing org permissions on VLANs within a sub-org? (Choose three.)

A.    VLAN IDs can be defined only once globally.
B.    VLAN IDs can be defined within each sub-org.
C.    VLAN name must match across orgs and sub-orgs.
D.    VLAN name can be different per sub-org.
E.    Sub-org vNICs can utilize parent org VLANs.
F.    Parent org vNICs can utilize sub-org VLANs.
G.    Sub-org vNICs can utilize only parent org native VLANs.

Answer: BDF

The system-reserved VLANs within Cisco UCS are 3968 to 4048 by default. Where can a user change the starting value of this range?

A.    VLAN manager
B.    global policies
C.    LAN cloud
D.    cannot be changed

Answer: D

Which three options are needed when configuring local zoning on the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects? (Choose three.)

A.    The fabric interconnects are operating in FC switching mode.
B.    The fabric interconnects are operating in FC end-host mode.
C.    SAN connectivity policy
D.    storage connection policy
E.    FC target endpoints
F.    iSCSI target endpoints

Answer: ADE

Which boot option is recommended for a boot policy because it offers the most service profile mobility within a system?

A.    iSCSI boot
B.    local disk boot
C.    LAN boot
D.    SAN boot

Answer: D

Which consideration must be made when utilizing a WWxN pool?

A.    Only HBA templates can use WWxN pools.
B.    WWNN assignment must be set to derived.
C.    WWPN assignment must be set to derived.
D.    A SAN connectivity policy must be used.

Answer: C

Which two components can be specified in a host firmware package? (Choose two.)

A.    CPU
B.    BIOS
C.    Cisco Integrated Management Controller
D.    LOM
E.    DIMM

Answer: BC

Which two options are valid server pool policy qualifications? (Choose two.)

A.    server model
B.    description
C.    user label
D.    power group

Answer: AD

Which two statements describe the full state type of backup? (Choose two.)

A.    It is a binary file.
B.    It cannot be used to restore the system during disaster recovery.
C.    It can use this file for an import.
D.    It can be used only on a system that is running the same version as the system from which the backup file was exported.
E.    It is an XML file.

Answer: AD

Under which condition can you select the option to “remove” a blade server from within the Cisco UCS Manager?

A.    The server has been decommissioned before physical removal.
B.    The server has been sent a diagnostic interrupt.
C.    The server has been physically removed before decommission.
D.    The server has been powered down.

Answer: C

Which consideration must be made while performing backup operations within the Cisco UCS Manager?

A.    Each backup destination can have multiple backup operations.
B.    Backups can be scheduled ahead of time.
C.    A user can perform incremental backups of a system configuration.
D.    Rerunning an existing backup operation overwrites the existing backup file.

Answer: D

Which four Cisco UCS components use the Cisco NX-OS syslog services to generate syslog entries for system information and alerts? (Choose four.)

A.    I/O module
B.    fabric interconnect
C.    chassis
D.    Cisco Integrated Management Controller
E.    Cisco UCS Manager
F.    adapter
G.    Ethernet uplink
H.    storage module

Answer: ADEF

Which scheduling option sets the number of tasks that can be run?

A.    max number of concurrent tasks
B.    max changes
C.    max number of tasks
D.    max configuration requests

Answer: C

Which two statements about Call Home are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The virtual IP address of the Cisco UCS Manager in a cluster is the source of the email.
B.    In a cluster configuration, at least one fabric interconnect must have IP connectivity.
C.    The fabric interconnect must have IP connectivity to email server or the destination HTTP server
D.    At least one destination profile must be configured.
E.    Call Home requires SCP to transfer the files securely.

Answer: CD

Which four physical connections on a fabric interconnect are needed to perform the initial system setup for a cluster configuration? (Choose four.)

A.    Ethernet uplink ports connected to upstream switch
B.    console port connected to a computer terminal or console server.
C.    Layer 1 ports on both fabric interconnects connected to each other
D.    Layer 1 port of the first fabric interconnect connected to Layer 2 port of the second fabric interconnect
E.    Layer 2 ports on both fabric interconnects connected to each other
F.    Fibre Channel uplink ports connected to upstream fabric switch
G.    management Ethernet port (mgmt0) connected to external switch or router
H.    port channel to each fabric interconnect

Answer: BCEG

Which statement about the purpose of a storage connection policy in Cisco UCS Manager is true?

A.    It sets a minimum baseline of requirements for when vHBAs are configured in a service profile.
B.    It defines how zoning is configured for initiators and targets on the fabric interconnect.
C.    It sets a minimum baseline of requirements for when storage devices connect to the fabric interconnects.
D.    It defines the number of storage connections that are allowed to connect to the fabric interconnects.

Answer: B

Which policy determines what happens to local disks when they are disassociated from a service profile?

A.    maintenance policy
B.    local disk policy
C.    scrub policy
D.    BIOS policy

Answer: C

Which policy is used to specify how Cisco UCS Manager should proceed for configuration changes that will have a service impact?

A.    host firmware policy
B.    maintenance policy
C.    local disk policy
D.    BIOS policy

Answer: B

After an admin configures a service profile template and associates it to the blade, the admin notices that changes to the template are not automatically pushed to profiles that are inheriting that template. The service profile template and vNIC templates are set to “initial”. Which two actions resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Delete the service profile template and re-create it as an updating template.
B.    Change the type of the service profile template from “initial” to “updating”.
C.    Delete the vNIC template and re-create it as an updating template.
D.    Change the type of the vNIC template from “initial” to “updating”.
E.    Delete and recreate all templates.

Answer: AD

Which consideration must be made while utilizing the UEFI boot mode?

A.    Legacy boot modes cannot be used on the same server.
B.    This mode applies only to models before the M3.
C.    The service profile cannot be disassociated without decommissioning the blade.
D.    This mode replaces the UEFI shell typically available as a boot fallback.

Answer: A

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